Find Your Whitopia

diversity is a code word for detroit

The city you choose to call home will play a major role in your destiny. If you live in a dysfunctional city, that dysfunction will find its way into your life.

The single most important and most ignored rule of thumb for white people seeking the best quality of life possible is to:

Avoid living near large non-white populations.

Racial demographics have a direct and proportional impact on a city or state’s quality of life. The more non-whites a city has, the more it suffers from the following:

Every single one of these factors is a long term deal breaker for normal white people looking for a healthy quality of life and a safe place to call home. Combined they create an inescapable vortex of chaos and destruction. And with racial conflict boiling over across America, it’s becoming increasingly dangerous for whites to live anywhere near the diversity.

Take a look at the racial demographics of America’s largest cities.

White people are already a minority in more than half of our largest cities. Portland Oregon is still 75% white and that’s as good as it gets for our largest cities.

And at the bottom of the list lies the stinking ruins of Detroit. The Queen City of Equality. Weighing in at a mere 10% white population.

Diversity is a code word for Detroit

Diversity Magnets, cities that are more than 50% non-white like Atlanta, Houston and Los Angeles, top the list of places to avoid at all costs. Diversity Magnets treat white people as second class citizens and tax slaves. Anti-white racial cronyism in local business and government means that you will always be playing for the away team.

While the cost of living may appear lower in some of these heavily diverse cities, you will be forced to live in the more expensive areas of town and pay for private schools. There are less expensive edgy neighborhoods with white urban pioneers. But normal white people don’t willingly choose to live in places where they risk being murdered while walking home through the dirty streets of their hip urban neighborhood.

America is a big country. And at this stage nobody is forcing you to live in dangerously diverse areas. There are still lots of cool, exciting and safe white places to live. And whatever you do, don’t move to one of these diverse cities for a job or college thinking that it’s just a short term pit-stop. Pit stops in life sometimes have a way of becoming final destinations.

The growing exodus of whites fleeing from the diversity will soon turn into a flood. And part of their journey to the light will include relocating to a Whitopia.

Whitopia: Small and medium sized towns and cities that are still at least 90% white.

Property values in white dominated cities, states and regions will continue to increase as white refugees from places like Southern California and the South look for safer less diverse places to live. I expect this trend to increase, resulting in the creation of exclusive white regions. Much like the expensive gated white communities that exist in every diverse city, exclusive white regions will form and become the last bastions that resemble traditional white America.

And the race for these last remaining Whitopias has already begun, with the anti-whites first out of the gate. New Federal diversity initiatives are beginning to force, fund and facilitate the spread of non-whites into areas of the country that are deemed too white.

Refugee resettlement organizations, flush with federal grants, also play an active role in the displacement of white populations by strategically targeting white cities and regions with large numbers of Somalis and other problematic non-white refugees.

So Where is Whitopia?

Across America there are still hundreds of small and medium sized towns and cities that are still overwhelmingly white. This is where you will find your Whitopia. This is where you will have the best chance to shape a positive future for your family and your community. This is where you should put down your roots and make your stand.

You are going to have to play an active role in your community. Even if you’re not religious, take advantage of the networking opportunities at the local Christian churches. Smaller towns across America are filled with white Christians who can become natural allies in the future. Pragmatic white men understand the importance of focusing on what we have in common, not what separates us. You should use every means possible to get connected to the people of your hometown.

Nice normal girls with traditional values can still be found in small towns and can make wonderful wives and mothers. The poison of feminism has seeped into every corner of the world, but you have a better chance of finding a traditional wife and mother living in medium and smaller city. Big cities attract the career grrrls and feminist ball busters that should be avoided. But that’s another post for another day.

There are plenty of ways to make a good living in medium and smaller cities. Every town regardless of size needs lawyers, sheriffs, firemen, store owners, teachers, farmers and tradesmen. All of these jobs will get you out in the community, meeting your neighbors and will allow you to weave yourself into the fabric of your city.

The quality of life and activities that smaller towns and rural locations offer match and exceed what can be found in large cities. Hunting, fishing, farming, hiking, boating, 4-wheeling and mountain biking are healthy hobbies and more useful than wasting your time in big city coffee shops, sushi bars and night clubs.

Roots: Investing your heart mind body and soul into a single place

Turn your town into your home town. Walk the streets. Talk to the people. Go the meetings. Influence conversations and viewpoints. Obviously you want to be tactful about what you say. Even small towns have their share of social justice warriors ready to libel and destroy the reputations and livelihoods of their ideological enemies. Learn the lay of the land before you try to change anything. Determine your potential allies and likely enemies in future political struggles. Then you can begin to build the strategic friendships and coalitions needed to influence the direction of your hometown.

Once you put down roots and establish yourself as a solid member of the community, your views will be taken seriously and you will influence the future of your Whitopia.

And finally, it’s important to understand why you should discover your personal Whitopia. By doing so, you will be part of the future defense forming against the balkanization and destruction of our race and nation. The cities are lost but the countryside can still be saved. Find your Whitopia. Find a good woman and be a good man. Raise a family and sit tight.

Our people are waking up and you want to be around when that happens.


Hello White Man

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